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Framework Profiling Robotlegs Vs PureMVC

Following up from A post on the Robotlegs forum

The Results:

The Test Applications:

Sources: (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV) (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile) – change .zip extension to .fxpl

The AIR Wrappers: – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV) – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile) – change .zip extension to .apk (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)


Just A Couple Of Useful Posts

I read then as is usually the case i forget and do it the long way… so for future reference:


Absolutely love this MusicMetric API

Finally i can seriously look into realizing some of my old ideas against the new API, exciting stuff for sure!

Useful Links – Cross-domain Policy Files

In case you need a definitive answer – Check out the Adobe Flash Cross-domain policy file specification

Useful Links – Security Domains & Application Domains

Its all here, a great article Senocular on Content Domains


Here’s another video by John Lindquist this time showing how to setup a simple Hello Robotlegs Application

Robotlegs introduction:

And so… after you’ve wrapped your head around the many ways of working with Robotlegs outlined in the above examples… there’s still yet another way which negates the use of metadata.

There’s a blog post from Joel Hooks with additional background information, a demo and complete source code:

Do we really need THAT much metadata in AS3? Not with Robotlegs…


AS3 Signals

Inside RIA have posted an in depth AS3 Signals tutorial

There is also a Signals video tutorial now online with further insight from John Lindquist

Signals has been developed by Rob Penner as an alternative/enhancement to the standard Flash Player event dispatch mechanism.

Check out Robert Penner on Flash for the latest updates.