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List Of Flex 3 CSS Styles

Flex 3 CSS List


Riddle Me This? Is PlayerType “StandAlone” == “External”

Ok so now i’m confused… I’m working on a pure actionscript project in Flex 3 whereby i’m using an RSL (Runtime Shared Library) which contains some visual assets either as graphic only or as a functioning class with associated graphic. I want to test my RSL is loading ok from within Flex IDE but it always gives me a security sandbox error unless i test from a remote server… fair enough (if a little bit annoying). Surely there’s a better way to do this during development…answers on a postcard please!

What i really would like from all this is to be able to find out what the difference is between “Standalone”, “External”, “Plugin” & “ActiveX” player types and how each of these affects the current sandbox. Is “External” a Flash IDE only type? I ask because i can never get this type of player when using Flex. In Flex i can only ever get “Standalone” or “Plugin”/”ActiveX” (if using an html wrapper). Yet if i publish the same source using Flash CS4 i always get “External”. If i can get “External” in Flex does it grant access to remote data, rsl’s etc and allow a local swf any more abilities over a “Standalone” version?

I spent ages yesterday trying to find examples and info about this but nothing i discovered completely answered my question. Every single example of loading and accessing an RSL used a relative (local) path to the loading swf. In the end i did manage to get my RSL to load from a different domain but like i said my main swf has to be served remotely otherwise in the Flex IDE i get:

Error #2142: Security sandbox violation: local SWF files cannot use the LoaderContext.securityDomain property. file:///C:/Documents and Settings/USER/My Documents/Flex Builder 3//bin-debug/DocumentClass.swf was attempting to load

If anyone has experience using this sort of setup please help…

Skinning & Styling In Flex 3

…Working on a new AIR application and i wanted to use a MenuBar component…

It didn’t quite look right so i set about trying to style and skin it… haha!!!! If only i had realised how much time i would waste! In the end i got 80% of what i wanted done but there’s still an issue that for the love of god i can’t resolve!

Anyway during my quest of much tinkering i found some useful links so thought a post might help all of us…

I’ll try and keep this list updated as i discover more but for now you should always start with the Style Explorer as it shows most of the basic styling options available. So anything you can do there shouldn’t cause too much of a headache to implement in your project.

…and finally… Does anyone have any idea how i can remove the padding/margin/spacing to the left of a MenuBarItem within a MenuBar??? I want to have my first item appear left aligned with the 0,0 position of the MenuBar but there is always a 10-15px gap/spacer/offset which seems to be set by a private constant in… Do i have to recompile without this?? PLEASE HELP 🙂

Here’s my code for the extended MenuBar which i’m currently using in my AIR application to allow me to adjust the margin.

Working With Andre’s Latest Flash Player 10 Audio Source

Andre Michelle has released some Flash Player 10 Source Files he used during his FOTB 08 presentation.

I wanted to start experimenting immediately but was unsure about what to do with Flex 3 and the nightly SDK builds (in this case to enable me to create FP10 content. I luckily found this Promethe’s Blog which explains in some detail what to do.

Just follow it through but substitute the creation of a Flex Project for an Actionscript Project.

Don’t forget to uninstall Flash Player {x.x.x} and replace it with {10.0.0} as detailed on Adobe Labs

It all works for me now so i’m looking forward to some experiments over the weekend…

p.s. Flash Player 10 Debug Versions

p.p.s. HaXe (pronounced Hex) now supports Flash 10 😉 HaXe News …feet don’t fail me now!