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Framework Profiling Robotlegs Vs PureMVC

Following up from A post on the Robotlegs forum

The Results:

The Test Applications:




http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/source/FrameworkProfileHarnessAs.zip (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV)

http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/source/FrameworkTesting.zip (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)



http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/source/StimuliUtils.fxpl – change .zip extension to .fxpl

The AIR Wrappers:
http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/air/FrameworkProfileHarnessAs.air – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV)

http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/air/FrameworkTesting.air – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)

http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/air/FrameworkTesting.apk – change .zip extension to .apk (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)


Meat & Potatoes

Nice work Shane aka LostInActionScript!

Better use of jsfl with swf libraries


Unification of blend modes

Ant find and replace

Visualizing An RTMP FLV

A quick example of an idea i had yesterday.

Visualizing MyLiveSession

The Gamut Version

Just a small part of the new media player framework i’m building in preparation for the re-launch of MyLiveSession.

[NOTE]: Sometimes Flash Media Server will throw a sandbox error (it’s very random – not something i can fix yet) so if it does you’ll need to refresh your browser.

I call this one SWFObject IE-EI-OH!

All i wanted was for a swf to talk to javascript and back using our friend ExternalInterface. As with almost everything i publish SwfObject was mandatory. Within about 20 minutes it worked… or did it hmmm. As always mr IE stepped in to prevent me (and he did so with much rage and anger).

Anyways here is my SWFObject solution it is ‘simples…’

I hope this zip helps.

Riddle Me This? Is PlayerType “StandAlone” == “External”

Ok so now i’m confused… I’m working on a pure actionscript project in Flex 3 whereby i’m using an RSL (Runtime Shared Library) which contains some visual assets either as graphic only or as a functioning class with associated graphic. I want to test my RSL is loading ok from within Flex IDE but it always gives me a security sandbox error unless i test from a remote server… fair enough (if a little bit annoying). Surely there’s a better way to do this during development…answers on a postcard please!

What i really would like from all this is to be able to find out what the difference is between “Standalone”, “External”, “Plugin” & “ActiveX” player types and how each of these affects the current sandbox. Is “External” a Flash IDE only type? I ask because i can never get this type of player when using Flex. In Flex i can only ever get “Standalone” or “Plugin”/”ActiveX” (if using an html wrapper). Yet if i publish the same source using Flash CS4 i always get “External”. If i can get “External” in Flex does it grant access to remote data, rsl’s etc and allow a local swf any more abilities over a “Standalone” version?

I spent ages yesterday trying to find examples and info about this but nothing i discovered completely answered my question. Every single example of loading and accessing an RSL used a relative (local) path to the loading swf. In the end i did manage to get my RSL to load from a different domain but like i said my main swf has to be served remotely otherwise in the Flex IDE i get:

Error #2142: Security sandbox violation: local SWF files cannot use the LoaderContext.securityDomain property. file:///C:/Documents and Settings/USER/My Documents/Flex Builder 3//bin-debug/DocumentClass.swf was attempting to load http://www.mysite.com/shiz/SharedAsset.swf.

If anyone has experience using this sort of setup please help…

TextChat With Emoticons (AS3 + FMS3)

Here’s an example of what i’ve been developing for my current employer:

TextChat With Emoticons View in Firefox (as IE seems to break with the JS i’m using).

It’s not yet completely finished but is progressing nicely… so i have discussed with the relevant parties and we’ve decided to make it public to see if anyone wants to either try to break it or offer some suggestions to make it better.

If you can please spare 5 mins to have a play and of course tell me what you think. Cheers!

AS3 Visualization Remixed

I had a very old AS3 visualization that a few people have asked about recently so last night i played with it some more Check It Out.

p.s. I looks better and runs faster when you make your browser window smaller.