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Slider For Flash Player 10 On Mobile

Something interesting i discovered today Slider – Flex Framework For Mobile Devices


Flash Lite Distributable Player & Kunerlite Plugins

Looks like Flash Lite has recently evolved! Check out these links:

So now i can extend my FMS live streaming app to take camera and audio input from a device…nice!

A Sneak Peek At My 2nd Flash Lite Prototype.

Sorry it’s so blurry but still you should get the general idea of what i made 🙂

A quick peek at what i made during a recent 4 week contract. In a nutshell it’s an application downloader that can also play streaming FLV files. The general idea was to make a fully configurable application for installing and interacting with applications installed on a Nokia N95 running Flash Lite 3.

View My Flash Lite Prototype

New Flash Lite Contract Working For Orange

I’ve just started a new project developing a Flash Lite 3 application for Orange.

I can’t talk about the application at this time except to say it’s a cool idea and hopefully i’ll be able to make something that will help promote Flash Lite as a serious alternative to the typical technologies used by Orange.

Anyway because i haven’t touched FL3 since my live streaming video demo i’ve now got my head down learning and experimenting… What ever i discover during this quest i will post here for all to see as long as it doesn’t compromise my contractual obligations. 🙂

So here’s some of my recent findings:

Streaming a live FLV video to Flash Lite 3 on a Nokia N95.

A short video showing a Flash Lite 3 application which plays live and recorded streaming FLV videos sent from Flash Media Server 2 to my Nokia N95 over a wifi or 3g connection.

You Tube Video