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Framework Profiling Robotlegs Vs PureMVC

Following up from A post on the Robotlegs forum

The Results:

The Test Applications:

Sources: (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV) (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile) – change .zip extension to .fxpl

The AIR Wrappers: – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV) – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile) – change .zip extension to .apk (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)


D&BTV Player Updated

This weekend i added several updates to the D&BTV Player which included a new archive player and a new admin feature ‘Now Playing’.

The live application is now loaded into a swf container which also loads the archive. The container is fully resizeable which matches the behaviour of the child applications which means normal, fullscreen and Facebook embedding works perfectly at any dimension (except really really small).

I was a bit worried at first considering both the child swfs were fully blown applications in their own right but with a few tweaks everything worked like a charm with only a couple of strange issues which were later found and resolved.

At present the container loads both applications and provides a button to toggle between views. This needs refining as does some of the UI but the reality is that both sub applications work with no conflicts.

My favorite feature of this combination is i can now click one button and go from full screen live to full screen archive!

As for the admin application there is now a new page which enables an admin to dispatch a Now Playing notification to all chat room connected users which specifies track, artist and a clickable link back to the Breakbeat store so during a live show there is an ability to use the current audio to have an in context reference back out from the application to drive download sales.

The Now Playing feature also helps an admin by allowing full track and artist search against the download store database, so the correct audio files can be verified and urls checked easily before any notification is sent to the viewers – This will be a great help when the admin is stuck in a club trying to manage the stream etc.

Check out the D&BTV Player and let me know your feedback and suggestions!

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Meat & Potatoes

Nice work Shane aka LostInActionScript!

Better use of jsfl with swf libraries


Unification of blend modes

Ant find and replace

FMS & FP 10.1 Possibilities

Loving the new 10.1 features… this being of particular interest:
Flash Multicasting is my new favourite site

Stimuli related ideas i’m working on… some big some not so!

In order of importance 🙂

#1 Stimuli.TV LIVE (Live musical performance streamed live every Sunday).
Stimuli.TV LIVE every Sunday from June 20th 12pm-2pm GMT

#2 Stimuli.TV Website. Keep an eye on…
Stimuli.TV Website

#3 Stimuli.TV ARCHIVE.

#4 SoundCloud embeddable player.
SoundCloud Player

#5 embeddable player.
Samurai Player

#6 D&BTV LIVE embeddable player.
D&BTV LIVE every Wednesday from 7pm GMT

…and there’s more, plus some real ‘paid’ work lol Massive IPTV … all in all exciting times!

All prototypes shown here are works in progress; I hope you like the examples, to see how they evolve please check back soon!

SwfObject 2.2 Issue When Embedding Multiple SWF’s On A Page

Yesterday and today i had a properly strange issue with SwfObject 2.2.

I wanted to embed 7 swf files in the same html page that would communicate via ExternalInterface using Javascript as a kind of MVC based controller.

I wrote some simple JS code to look for pre-defined div ids and embed each modular swf for my app in place.

Example html and JS is here:

In a nutshell it worked but took ages to finish the embed. So i banged my head against a wall trying all manner of ways to make the embed load quicker, i also tested all the swfobject methods i could but no difference until i realised that a release-build swf from Flex Builder 3 works as expected but a debug-build doesn’t.

You can see from these identical examples how noticeable the difference is:

How strange is that!

If you’re wondering why i use swfobject.createSwf() instead of swfobject.embedSwf() its because createSwf() gives me a decent reference to my flash object and in turn doesn’t require any addition code to work with ExternalInterface in Internet Explorer.

If i use embedSwf() i have to add a Conditional Script Like This to act as a proxy:

You can see the above as a full example here Bobby Vandersluis SwfObject Example

Bobby has some useful demos of the SwfObject features here SwfObject Test Suite

I hope this helps you out, cause it drove me crazy for a good few hours 😉

SoundCloud Stimuli – Facebook Embeddable Audio Player

This weekend i launched a new beta application SoundCloud Stimuli

At the moment nothing more than an AS3 mp3 browser and visualizer.

If you’re stuck for a SoundCloud username you can try any of these:

  • mr-angular (minimal/tech)
  • r_co (house/progressive/garage)
  • therisky (drum and bass/podcast)

Please check it out, embed it in your Facebook profile and if possible let me know what you think of the features so far.