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Absolutely love this MusicMetric API

Finally i can seriously look into realizing some of my old ideas against the new API, exciting stuff for sure!


An Idea How Flash Video Could Allow Us To Rate Content?

Wouldn’t it be great if IPlayer/4OD and the like showed us not only the most popular content (as they do now) but also the bits we the public enjoyed the most? Why not allow us to rate not just the whole stream but also specific sections within it? What if we could search for tags and comments or points of interest within a stream? What if the producers could produce and adapt content from actual user data?

Take a look at my TV Review Application

It records your feedback as you watch the content by recording the data you generate when dragging the slider around. It also adds tags when you laugh, boo or add a comment that along with the feedback data are perfectly in sync with the FLV data.

Try my Video Reporting Application

Here’s how the captured data could be visualized:

Ok so perhaps dragging a feedback slider is rubbish… What about recording the points of interest as markers (either good or bad) and then after watching the whole stream and commenting on it as a whole, being able to comment on the markers one by one? Try this First Feedback Review Idea

If you’re into data visualization you might also find my Heat Maps Demo of interest.

Originally posted 02 Oct 2008 @15:02.

Heat Maps & More In Flash

So i’ve returned from FOTB 08 with a head full of ideas.

There were some truely amazing concepts on show but one that particularly interested me was ‘Revolutionizing web analytics with Adobe AIR’ by Nicolas Lierman

Nicolas discussed as part of his talk some of his applications such as ‘Google Analytics Reporting Suite’ which he developed privately and the new ‘Workspace Analytics’ by BroadChoice

The reason i enjoyed the presentation was because i had done some very similar applications that were in some ways more complex and customiseable but on the other hand very unfinished. I had been here before working on my variations about 18 months ago whilst working freelance for a company called Media Intelligence who were at the time very small yet full of ideas that they let me prototype, realise and grow. I think i came up with some useful visulizations but unfortunately i never really was able to create anything as finished or cohesive as i would have liked.

In this post i present my Static Click Test Reporting Tool and a similar varient called the Page Flip Click Test Reporting Tool. Here are some screenshots of some of my ideas that i think extend some of the applications Nicolas discussed.

View the applications here:

Static Click Test Reporting Tool You might want to reduce the number of clicks displayed (500 is good) as this version creates a new MovieClip for each click which can be very slow and also has issues when blurring. To create a graph simply drag a box over an area of the image.

Page Flip Click Test Reporting Tool This works with BitmapData so no problems rendering lots of clicks and no artefacts when blurring.

Any feedback or suggestions would be great!