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TextChat With Emoticons (AS3 + FMS3)

Here’s an example of what i’ve been developing for my current employer:

TextChat With Emoticons View in Firefox (as IE seems to break with the JS i’m using).

It’s not yet completely finished but is progressing nicely… so i have discussed with the relevant parties and we’ve decided to make it public to see if anyone wants to either try to break it or offer some suggestions to make it better.

If you can please spare 5 mins to have a play and of course tell me what you think. Cheers!


AS3 Text Chat With Emoticons (Initial Prototype)

I’ve been developing a text chat widget for a client of mine and as part of the specification there is a requirement for emoticons inside of the html text. As far as i understand it’s quite difficult to achieve but i thought that some of the new TextField methods in AS3 might provide some solutions.

This is my first experiment and the code is reasonably complex but it works so please try it and let me know what you think.

AS3 Text Chat With Emoticons (First Version)

UPDATE: Please see this post AS3 Text Chat With Emoticons (Latest Version)

Streaming a live FLV video to Flash Lite 3 on a Nokia N95.

A short video showing a Flash Lite 3 application which plays live and recorded streaming FLV videos sent from Flash Media Server 2 to my Nokia N95 over a wifi or 3g connection.

You Tube Video