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Resetting FlexBuilder/Eclipse SVN Credentials

I had this issue in FDT recently whereby i need to change my svn credentials. With a few helpful emails it got sorted (and to be honest i forget now what i did). Anyway today i had the same issue in FlexBuilder 3…

My details had been reset by someone else so any attempt to add or view a repository or project within that location would just 401 with no way of changing the login information.

I’m using Subversion at the moment, so in case anyone else gets stuck all you need to do is find the Subversion/auth folder.

Mine was located at:

Inside the folder there were 4 sub folders:
svn.ssl.client-passphrase (empty)
svn.username (empty)

In both the svn.simple and svn.ssl.server folders were a bunch of files with names like ‘9d3b5d6803a42c8088172c7650cc85b2’ (the same number of files as i have saved repository locations!).

Examining svn.simple revealed an unencrypted file containing credentials for each repo while svn.ssl.server had the encrypted/hashed version.

I looked at each file until i found the repo address with which i had authentication issues (these details are plain text in both types of files) and then deleted them both (2x per svn location – simple and ssl).

Upon adding the ‘fresh’ repo location via SVN Repository Exploring FlexBuilder prompted for the new credentials. Cool, job done, lets code!