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Skinning & Styling In Flex 3

…Working on a new AIR application and i wanted to use a MenuBar component…

It didn’t quite look right so i set about trying to style and skin it… haha!!!! If only i had realised how much time i would waste! In the end i got 80% of what i wanted done but there’s still an issue that for the love of god i can’t resolve!

Anyway during my quest of much tinkering i found some useful links so thought a post might help all of us…

I’ll try and keep this list updated as i discover more but for now you should always start with the Style Explorer as it shows most of the basic styling options available. So anything you can do there shouldn’t cause too much of a headache to implement in your project.

…and finally… Does anyone have any idea how i can remove the padding/margin/spacing to the left of a MenuBarItem within a MenuBar??? I want to have my first item appear left aligned with the 0,0 position of the MenuBar but there is always a 10-15px gap/spacer/offset which seems to be set by a private constant in… Do i have to recompile without this?? PLEASE HELP 🙂

Here’s my code for the extended MenuBar which i’m currently using in my AIR application to allow me to adjust the margin.