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Old Experiments With 3D

At last having some time to myself i started looking at old ideas, here’s a few that could do with some further experimentation:

  • Content Planet A spinning globe of content where each item can be clicked to open a video stream.
  • Video Wall An interactive 3D wall that responds to mouse movement. Clicking on an item launches a video stream which is mapped to the uv coordinates of the elements in the wall.
  • PaperVision Stats 3D Statistics with the ability to drill down/up the data hierarchy to facilitate year/month/day/hour views.

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PaperVision 2 Charting & Memory Leak…

I’m working on a reporting application using PaperVision2 and have just noticed a memory leak which is either my fault or that of PV.

Have a look here:
PaperVision 2 Charting Demo

If i navigate the scene using the z,x,c,v,b and arrow keys the memory usage continuously increases until i drill down into another data set (by clicking a bar within the graph). I’m using a custom destroy function to fix this here (and it works) but only when i clean out absolutely everything… is that right? All that’s happening in this context is the camera is moving then pv is re-rendering.

I found this post over at Seb Lee-Delisle’s blog so i’ve updated my PV source and revised my code but it doesn’t make any difference.

Anyone got any suggestions please?

UPDATE: I managed to fix this so there is no longer a memory leak!