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Framework Profiling Robotlegs Vs PureMVC

Following up from A post on the Robotlegs forum

The Results:

The Test Applications:




http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/source/FrameworkProfileHarnessAs.zip (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV)

http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/source/FrameworkTesting.zip (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)



http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/source/StimuliUtils.fxpl – change .zip extension to .fxpl

The AIR Wrappers:
http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/air/FrameworkProfileHarnessAs.air – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.1 & AIR 2.5 for TV)

http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/air/FrameworkTesting.air – change .zip extension to .air (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)

http://stimuli.tv/frameworktests/air/FrameworkTesting.apk – change .zip extension to .apk (Flex SDK 4.5 & AIR 2.6 for Mobile)



Here’s another video by John Lindquist this time showing how to setup a simple Hello Robotlegs Application

Robotlegs introduction:

And so… after you’ve wrapped your head around the many ways of working with Robotlegs outlined in the above examples… there’s still yet another way which negates the use of metadata.

There’s a blog post from Joel Hooks with additional background information, a demo and complete source code:

Do we really need THAT much metadata in AS3? Not with Robotlegs…


Slider For Flash Player 10 On Mobile

Something interesting i discovered today Slider – Flex Framework For Mobile Devices

Multi Format Video Player With PureMVC & Papervision2

Here’s a rough demo of my latest flash video player:

The MyLiveSession Demo

Currently using old video files and images from the good old MLS days…better assets make it look a lot nicer!

In this setup i’m streaming .flv via rtmp from Flash Media Server; When i get time i’ll add some demos showing custom (psuedo stream) and progressive .flv plus a demo of the windows media overlay to handle .mpg, .mp4 and .wmv files via http all within the same UI.

I’d love to know how the preview function works for you – you can activate it by hovering your mouse over the prev/next buttons, just wait 5 seconds and the image shown will change to a video of the next stream, audio will switch as well (NOTE: some of the videos currently avaialble dont have audio for a few seconds once they start – so it’s not so obvious). When both stream are playing what is the performance on your computer like, acceptable??

Feedback and suggestions appreciated, cheers.

HYPE & Audio – Early Findings

Playing with HYPE some more this time comparing the difference between calling ComputeSpectrum() direct and via SoundAnalyzer.

SoundAnalyzer is currently using the getFrequencyIndex() method which should spread the ByteArray data psychoacoustically based on Brandens’ previously collated values. See the Hype Blog Post – Understanding…

I’m using 2 different apps/UIs so the display is not identical but the way the data is drawn is! Also don’t run 2 files at the same time as each will display the combined data – that’s a SoundMixer issue, naughty!

Check out these examples:

NOTE: There seems to be an issue with the ‘no hype’ files – returning an end of file error, seems to be an issue with FMS especially if other flash apps are running in other matching browser tabs/windows. If you see it check what else is running flash, close it and refresh your browser – it should go eventually… sorry!

When i get time i’ll test the other methods getOctave() and getFrequencyRange().


A couple of experiments using HYPE.

Hype is great! I’ve been staring at these just tweaking them slightly over and over again – so many permutations it’s very possible the really good ones got lost in the process…

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