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HYPE & Audio – Early Findings

Playing with HYPE some more this time comparing the difference between calling ComputeSpectrum() direct and via SoundAnalyzer.

SoundAnalyzer is currently using the getFrequencyIndex() method which should spread the ByteArray data psychoacoustically based on Brandens’ previously collated values. See the Hype Blog Post – Understanding…

I’m using 2 different apps/UIs so the display is not identical but the way the data is drawn is! Also don’t run 2 files at the same time as each will display the combined data – that’s a SoundMixer issue, naughty!

Check out these examples:

NOTE: There seems to be an issue with the ‘no hype’ files – returning an end of file error, seems to be an issue with FMS especially if other flash apps are running in other matching browser tabs/windows. If you see it check what else is running flash, close it and refresh your browser – it should go eventually… sorry!

When i get time i’ll test the other methods getOctave() and getFrequencyRange().



A couple of experiments using HYPE.

Hype is great! I’ve been staring at these just tweaking them slightly over and over again – so many permutations it’s very possible the really good ones got lost in the process…

The Word Is
No End In Sight

Unhype The HYPE!

Brandon Hall & Joshua Davis have released ‘The HYPE Framework’

Check out the HYPE Videos and HYPE Blog to see what’s on offer.

For me initially it was all about the potential of the SoundAnalyzer wrapper class but now, after some time spent delving a little bit deeper, i think i have truly found a gem!

Visualizing An RTMP FLV

A quick example of an idea i had yesterday.

Visualizing MyLiveSession

The Gamut Version

Just a small part of the new media player framework i’m building in preparation for the re-launch of MyLiveSession.

[NOTE]: Sometimes Flash Media Server will throw a sandbox error (it’s very random – not something i can fix yet) so if it does you’ll need to refresh your browser.

TextChat With Emoticons (AS3 + FMS3)

Here’s an example of what i’ve been developing for my current employer:

TextChat With Emoticons View in Firefox (as IE seems to break with the JS i’m using).

It’s not yet completely finished but is progressing nicely… so i have discussed with the relevant parties and we’ve decided to make it public to see if anyone wants to either try to break it or offer some suggestions to make it better.

If you can please spare 5 mins to have a play and of course tell me what you think. Cheers!

Sexed up AS3 Visualization

Here’s a list of all my old visualizations just in case you want something else to look at:

Please let me know which visualizations are your favourites!

I also took the previous visualization i made for SamuraiFM and made it better…

Try it Sexy Viz (no longer works – sorry June 2010)

Also came across Using Sound.extract() in FP10 which is damn useful…

RTMP AS3 Audio Visualization

Here’s something i’ve been working on for my favourite internet music portal SamuraiFM. It’s yet another visualizer but this time it’s all OOP and works on an rtmp stream from a wowza server.

I thought i’d show it as i think this is beginning to look quite sexy (even if i do say so myself).

Try it SamuraiFM OOP Visualization