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Useful Links – Cross-domain Policy Files

In case you need a definitive answer – Check out the Adobe Flash Cross-domain policy file specification


Useful Links – Security Domains & Application Domains

Its all here, a great article Senocular on Content Domains

FMS & FP 10.1 Possibilities

Loving the new 10.1 features… this being of particular interest:
Flash Multicasting

www.flashrealtime.com is my new favourite site

Slider For Flash Player 10 On Mobile

Something interesting i discovered today Slider – Flex Framework For Mobile Devices


A couple of experiments using HYPE.

Hype is great! I’ve been staring at these just tweaking them slightly over and over again – so many permutations it’s very possible the really good ones got lost in the process…

The Word Is
No End In Sight

Unhype The HYPE!

Brandon Hall & Joshua Davis have released ‘The HYPE Framework’

Check out the HYPE Videos and HYPE Blog to see what’s on offer.

For me initially it was all about the potential of the SoundAnalyzer wrapper class but now, after some time spent delving a little bit deeper, i think i have truly found a gem!

Working With Andre’s Latest Flash Player 10 Audio Source

Andre Michelle has released some Flash Player 10 Source Files he used during his FOTB 08 presentation.

I wanted to start experimenting immediately but was unsure about what to do with Flex 3 and the nightly SDK builds (in this case to enable me to create FP10 content. I luckily found this Promethe’s Blog which explains in some detail what to do.

Just follow it through but substitute the creation of a Flex Project for an Actionscript Project.

Don’t forget to uninstall Flash Player {x.x.x} and replace it with {10.0.0} as detailed on Adobe Labs

It all works for me now so i’m looking forward to some experiments over the weekend…

p.s. Flash Player 10 Debug Versions

p.p.s. HaXe (pronounced Hex) now supports Flash 10 😉 HaXe News …feet don’t fail me now!