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Flex WebService Component Tutorials

I’ve been building my first Flex 4 project this week.

I needed to interact with a soap based .net web service and initially wanted to build my own custom class for loading and parsing the xml formatted resultsets. However i didn’t have as much time as i would have liked so went with the WebService component.

During the course of development i found these two videos which you might find useful if you have to do the same.

D&BTV Player Updated

This weekend i added several updates to the D&BTV Player which included a new archive player and a new admin feature ‘Now Playing’.

The live application is now loaded into a swf container which also loads the archive. The container is fully resizeable which matches the behaviour of the child applications which means normal, fullscreen and Facebook embedding works perfectly at any dimension (except really really small).

I was a bit worried at first considering both the child swfs were fully blown applications in their own right but with a few tweaks everything worked like a charm with only a couple of strange issues which were later found and resolved.

At present the container loads both applications and provides a button to toggle between views. This needs refining as does some of the UI but the reality is that both sub applications work with no conflicts.

My favorite feature of this combination is i can now click one button and go from full screen live to full screen archive!

As for the admin application there is now a new page which enables an admin to dispatch a Now Playing notification to all chat room connected users which specifies track, artist and a clickable link back to the Breakbeat store so during a live show there is an ability to use the current audio to have an in context reference back out from the application to drive download sales.

The Now Playing feature also helps an admin by allowing full track and artist search against the download store database, so the correct audio files can be verified and urls checked easily before any notification is sent to the viewers – This will be a great help when the admin is stuck in a club trying to manage the stream etc.

Check out the D&BTV Player and let me know your feedback and suggestions!

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A couple of highly informative flash player posts from Jean-Philippe Auclair

Resetting FlexBuilder/Eclipse SVN Credentials

I had this issue in FDT recently whereby i need to change my svn credentials. With a few helpful emails it got sorted (and to be honest i forget now what i did). Anyway today i had the same issue in FlexBuilder 3…

My details had been reset by someone else so any attempt to add or view a repository or project within that location would just 401 with no way of changing the login information.

I’m using Subversion at the moment, so in case anyone else gets stuck all you need to do is find the Subversion/auth folder.

Mine was located at:

Inside the folder there were 4 sub folders:
svn.ssl.client-passphrase (empty)
svn.username (empty)

In both the svn.simple and svn.ssl.server folders were a bunch of files with names like ‘9d3b5d6803a42c8088172c7650cc85b2’ (the same number of files as i have saved repository locations!).

Examining svn.simple revealed an unencrypted file containing credentials for each repo while svn.ssl.server had the encrypted/hashed version.

I looked at each file until i found the repo address with which i had authentication issues (these details are plain text in both types of files) and then deleted them both (2x per svn location – simple and ssl).

Upon adding the ‘fresh’ repo location via SVN Repository Exploring FlexBuilder prompted for the new credentials. Cool, job done, lets code!

Living To Music

A refreshing new take on the importance of listening!

Living To Music by Greg Wilson.

Reminds me of similar concepts introduced by David Mancuso, perhaps there should be an app for that…

Samurai.FM Audio Player

Today i’m working on my player – more info soon…

Here’s some recommended listening:

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