Stimuli related ideas i’m working on… some big some not so!

In order of importance 🙂

#1 Stimuli.TV LIVE (Live musical performance streamed live every Sunday).
Stimuli.TV LIVE every Sunday from June 20th 12pm-2pm GMT

#2 Stimuli.TV Website. Keep an eye on…
Stimuli.TV Website

#3 Stimuli.TV ARCHIVE.

#4 SoundCloud embeddable player.
SoundCloud Player

#5 embeddable player.
Samurai Player

#6 D&BTV LIVE embeddable player.
D&BTV LIVE every Wednesday from 7pm GMT

…and there’s more, plus some real ‘paid’ work lol Massive IPTV … all in all exciting times!

All prototypes shown here are works in progress; I hope you like the examples, to see how they evolve please check back soon!


2 responses to “Stimuli related ideas i’m working on… some big some not so!

  • Gorancho Cucko Sirkarovski

    i’ve seen your comment on feedback.mixcloud
    you can get the mp3 or aac streams from mixcloud by api call to cloudcast
    response.audio_formats.mp3 or response.audio_formats.aac
    just go thru the links while you get the working one 🙂

    just, mixcloud are not so happy about this idea since the play count of the mix is not incremented. 😦

    you can check out my applications based on soundcloud, mixcloud and youtube apis: – SoundCloud – MixCloud – Youtube

    cheers. cucko

    • Doug

      Hey Cucko,

      Thank you for following this up and letting me know.
      Im having a look at your apps now, defo liking the concept, its similar to my idea.

      I’ve got an old soundcloud player here

      If i can get at the mixcloud streams in a similar way that would be really useful.

      Nice work!
      Best regards

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