Stimuli (SoundCloud Player) Now Supports Multiple Users And Tracks In Any Order

A load of people who use SoundCloud wanted a way to embed a player that could handle multiple users and tracks in any order. So today i updated my player so it does just that:$merkabarecords$mightymouse-1$mr-angular&seq=$0-9$1-0$0-8$2-1$2-0&wav=0&viz=2

scus – are the user permalinks you want to use.
seq – is the order of tracks specifying $(userIndex) – $(trackindex)

I know its not easy… but it works wicked!

In the example above i’m telling the player to create an array of users e.g.:

usersArray[0] = merkabarecords
usersArray[1] = mightymouse-1
usersArray[2] = mr-angular

The order of the playlist is specified in the order of the seq query string as written. So in this example the playlist will be:

Track 1 – $0-9 will be merkabarecords public track 10
Track 2 – $1-0 will be mightymouse-1 public track 1
Track 3 – $0-8 will be merkabarecords public track 9
Track 4 – $2-1 will be mr-angular public track 2
Track 5 – $2-0 will be mr-angular public track 1

Remember you will probably think of your public tracks as starting from 1 but because my app uses zero based indexes you have to minus 1 to get the right track…

You can also do a lot else already:

like specifying a specific user – &scu=deceptiveresolution

or playing from a specific track index in a playlist – &wav=3

or starting with a specific visual – &viz=4

or playing a set – &ple=1&pli=2

Or any combination you see fit… you must however always define either ‘scu’ or ‘scus’.

‘scu’ will always default to track 1 if ‘wav’ is not specified but ‘scus’ needs the ‘seq’ parameter to have at least 1 track specified else it will not load anything.

single user playlists (aka SoundCloud sets) only work when ‘scu’ is specified, these sets do not work in the context of multiple users.

‘wav’ and ‘viz’ can be applied to both single and multi user modes.

You can also paste the link as is into Facebook Share and you’re done!

Try it and give me feedback.


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