Multi Format Video Player With PureMVC & Papervision2

Here’s a rough demo of my latest flash video player:

The MyLiveSession Demo

Currently using old video files and images from the good old MLS days…better assets make it look a lot nicer!

In this setup i’m streaming .flv via rtmp from Flash Media Server; When i get time i’ll add some demos showing custom (psuedo stream) and progressive .flv plus a demo of the windows media overlay to handle .mpg, .mp4 and .wmv files via http all within the same UI.

I’d love to know how the preview function works for you – you can activate it by hovering your mouse over the prev/next buttons, just wait 5 seconds and the image shown will change to a video of the next stream, audio will switch as well (NOTE: some of the videos currently avaialble dont have audio for a few seconds once they start – so it’s not so obvious). When both stream are playing what is the performance on your computer like, acceptable??

Feedback and suggestions appreciated, cheers.


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