An Idea How Flash Video Could Allow Us To Rate Content?

Wouldn’t it be great if IPlayer/4OD and the like showed us not only the most popular content (as they do now) but also the bits we the public enjoyed the most? Why not allow us to rate not just the whole stream but also specific sections within it? What if we could search for tags and comments or points of interest within a stream? What if the producers could produce and adapt content from actual user data?

Take a look at my TV Review Application

It records your feedback as you watch the content by recording the data you generate when dragging the slider around. It also adds tags when you laugh, boo or add a comment that along with the feedback data are perfectly in sync with the FLV data.

Try my Video Reporting Application

Here’s how the captured data could be visualized:

Ok so perhaps dragging a feedback slider is rubbish… What about recording the points of interest as markers (either good or bad) and then after watching the whole stream and commenting on it as a whole, being able to comment on the markers one by one? Try this First Feedback Review Idea

If you’re into data visualization you might also find my Heat Maps Demo of interest.

Originally posted 02 Oct 2008 @15:02.


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