PaperVision 2 Charting & Memory Leak…

I’m working on a reporting application using PaperVision2 and have just noticed a memory leak which is either my fault or that of PV.

Have a look here:
PaperVision 2 Charting Demo

If i navigate the scene using the z,x,c,v,b and arrow keys the memory usage continuously increases until i drill down into another data set (by clicking a bar within the graph). I’m using a custom destroy function to fix this here (and it works) but only when i clean out absolutely everything… is that right? All that’s happening in this context is the camera is moving then pv is re-rendering.

I found this post over at Seb Lee-Delisle’s blog so i’ve updated my PV source and revised my code but it doesn’t make any difference.

Anyone got any suggestions please?

UPDATE: I managed to fix this so there is no longer a memory leak!


2 responses to “PaperVision 2 Charting & Memory Leak…

  • Wael Jammal

    Hi there, I just released the Bojinx PV3D utility class that you might find useful 🙂 check it out at the Bojinx site and if it doesn’t cover you 100% then feel free to submit feature requests we update quite quickly.

    Source will be available soon enough and if you need extra help feel free to post your problem on the forum and I’ll try to give you a hand.

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