I Can Rip Any BBC IPlayer, Amazon, YouTube etc Streaming FLV!

So this was the article

It shouts about Adobe not doing enough to help protect streaming content. So i read it and laughed while making notes about what Amazon could do to prevent this:

  • They could use an encrypted stream via rtmpe or rtmpte (or ssl) instead of the ‘sniffable’ default rtmp and rtmpt protocols which it sounds like what they’re doing…
  • They could verify their movie player swf’s…
  • They could use a server invoked challenge and response system running on a timer…
  • They could check the referrer making the request to the server…
  • They could check and validate and restrict ip addresses or domain uri’s…
  • They could authorize users from a database and check the validity of each request pre connection…

Confusingly i can’t quite understand why according to the article Amazon continue to stream content even though the user is unable to do anything with it (but only they know why). That to me seems to be talking about progressive FLV’s

Anyway the article mentions Replay Media Catcher

So i downloaded installed and started recording. Then i visited the BBC IPlayer where I started to watch the live BBC News 24 stream.

As expected because it’s an unencrypted rtmp stream Replay Media Catcher (RMC) started to record it. After a few minutes I pressed the stop recording button (In RMC) and noticed that my file kept downloading… Ok so I thought maybe I am making an assumption and stopping the recording doesn’t work as I expected. So I stopped the IPlayer News 24 stream by pressing the stop button in the Flash Player (which I know stops the NetStream and may or may not close the NetConnection to FMS). I look at RMC and see the filesize is still growing and think first up maybe it’s draining the buffer… So I close the IPlayer page and then my browser which is FireFox 3 but it doesn’t stop recording the stream!!! I’ve written this post and it’s still going… oh dear I feel an upgrade coming soon.

[Updated] Ok so RMC has stopped recording all by itself now but it recorded 75Mb.

It’s hard to know if i did anything to stop it or whether it experienced an error. It certainly tells me something occured:

Sorry, could only download a partial RTMP stream
Media was saved anyway:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Recordings\news_channel_1@s2677_F46D3481.flv
m_nErrType = 6
m_strDesc = “recv() failed on timeout – Saved media to file anyway”
m_strFile = F:\proj32\TestRTMPClient\RTMPStreamRip.cpp
m_nLineNumber = 699

…So this leaves at least one question; does it actually use my browser once the recording starts???


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